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Harvard Rock Review

I connect with the soulful aspect of music

Radio and Music

…a song about choosing between people, places, identities

Redefines what it means to be an entrepreneur…through music, philanthropy, and education.

Times of India

The Grand Finale started with a thrilling set from Avanti Nagral

From Bombay to Boston

At 21, Avanti has proven she’s already a multi-tasking star.

Whatever that story that’s unique to you is — whether it’s about trash cans or sexual assault — it’s about bringing that forward and showing the power of art and music.

She grew up doing a lot of devotional music and simultaneously started playing piano at the age of 5

I wanted the video to be something different, immersive, and pioneering.

The song, with its addictive chorus, is a rendition of Avanti’s hybrid personal and musical identity

The first student to pursue a dual degree from two prestigious institutions also has a virtual reality music video titled ‘I Like’

Berklee Now

Nagral’s passion for addressing health and relationships through her music is evident through her song Treated

Artiste Avanti Nagral, in her debut English single, ‘I Like’, has done a something quite…

Treated is a song that I wrote to my 12-year old self

Electric pop and soul with a propensity for strong female voices

Nagral…has a crystal-clear voice that is soothing but impactful at the same time

Avanti is a powerhouse of talent


A hundred white balloons were released into the air as singer Avanti Nagral performed Michael Jackson’s ‘We are the World’.


Avanti Nagral speaks about juggling her three passions – singing, acting and public health

Bombay Times

Artist Avanti Nagral has done something quite unique

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