Avanti Nagral is a Performing Artist and Singer/Songwriter from the soul of Bombay and the heart of Boston

Her live performance is a complete musical experience incorporating Indian Classical, Broadway, Gospel, and Devotional music into a unique modern pop sound.  Her global experiences and multicultural identity are woven through her music.   She is the first person in the world to pursue a dual degree between Harvard University and the Berklee College of Music, paving the way for creators around the world.  A youth icon, a symbol for powerful women, and an electric live performer, Avanti has captured the hearts of audiences across India, the US, Europe, and the Philippines. In addition, her “Song on the Spot” series, which instantly turns story into song, has captured nearly 3 million views around the world.

Avanti runs performance workshops at schools across India and the US to share her artist story, connecting passion and purpose and how to balance being a full-time student, musician, and entrepreneur.  She has spoken at TEDx conferences and worked with educational organizations, nonprofits, and academic institutions, as a motivational speaker, artist, songwriter and advocate.

Avanti maintains a lifelong  passion for Global Health and Development, having done work in the fields of Music Therapy, Anemia, Organ Donation, Cardiac Disease, CPR/Emergency Care and Mental Health.  In 2013, she founded YCPR, a Youth Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation campaign that was seed-funded with her earnings as a Performing Artist, empowering youth to help save lives in their communities. She has collaborated with professors from Harvard Medical School, the School of Public Health, Harvard Business School and Harvard South Asia Institute on research, and continues to work on other initiatives, having recently founded a socially responsible digital entertainment startup, Golden Milk Media, focusing on social norms and Gen-Z in India.

Avanti was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading role for her portrayal of Agnes in ‘Agnes of God’ at the National Theater Awards in India, has recorded a pop-devotional English-Sanskrit fusion album, has performed at venues and festivals across India, US and the Philippines, and has been featured on international radio and television.  She released the first  virtual reality music video in South Asia for her single ‘I Like’, and has since released videos for “Treated” and “The Other Side” which collectively have 3 million views worldwide across platforms and are in rotation on VH1 India. Her highly anticipated single ‘thank u (pls)’ was released in March 2019 and is now available to stream or download. Follow @avantinagral to be a part of the journey!

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